Saturday, August 23, 2008

Camping and a Non-Operational Subway

We went camping at Heise Hot Springs last night. Our adventure began when we stopped on the way for dinner at the Ririe Subway.

We were happy that there was a "drive thru," so we pulled around the right side of the building. But there was no sign for ordering. So we pulled around the back. Again, no sign. So, we pulled around the other side of the building. Finally, we saw a drive thru window. Then, the following conversation insued:

Girl at the window: (opens window)

Me: I didn't see a sign where I could order.

Girl at the window: You need to go around the building.

Me: There's not a sign over there.

Girl at the window: Uh, we're not fully operational yet.

Me: Well, do you have a menu I can look at?

Girl at the window: No.

Me: Then I guess I'm not sure how to order.

Girl at the window: Haven't you ever been to Subway before?

Me: Yes, of course, but I haven't memorized the menu yet.

Jessi: Sean, just order something.

Me: I will, but I don't know what to order.

Girl at the window: Here--there's sort of a menu on this napkin (stating calories of several menu items).

Me: (thinking, "I'll order a Big Mac then") I guess I'll have the Sweet Onion Teriyaki Chicken sandwich then (only fancy looking sandwich on the napkin).

Girl at the window: What kind of bread?

Me: I don't know, where are the bread choices?

Girl at the window: (rolls shut the window to disclose sticker showing bread choices)

Me: (pointing to the Italian Herb bread)

Us: (Ordering three footlong sandwiches)
Girl at the window: (10 minutes later) That will be $5.14.

Me: Really? (thinking I should take the offer) We ordered three footlong sandwiches.

Girl at the window: (walking somewhere in the kitchen and returning) Uh, I mean, $15.14. (by this time, everyone in the car is cracking up)

Wow. Remind me never to go to a not-yet-fully-operational Subway again. Good ol' Ririe! I need to brush up on my Subway menu memorization skills.
Heise was fun, and the Snake River was beautiful. We went swimming in the hot springs pool on Friday night. We forgot to bring "fire," so we had to borrow someone else's fire to roast our marshmallows after swimming.
Jessi and I slept in the tent, and Jaydn and Launa (my mother-in-law) slept in the car. It was freezing. And for some ridiculous reason, the owners kept the ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-pizzzzzzz, ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-pizzzzzzz sprinkler on all night next to our tent. Jessi said it was because they wanted to water the grass. Ha ha.
Somehow, in the morning we ended up with all four sleeping on the twin air mattress. That means "get up." I was good to take our traditional "morning monster" camping picture.


Darcy said...

I love that sandwich. It's my favorite.

Meek Family said...

Ok, I couldn't stop laughing at your subway experience. Cute blog, glad that you found mine. I agree, we should get together again soon. We'll plan it for after Labor Day.

arachesostufo said...

wow... you live in a paradise.

ciao da scorzè Venezia

annie said...

Looks like a fun adventure! Thanks for the encouragement, Jessi! What are you going back to school for?