Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trip to Utah

We went to Utah over the weekend to visit some old friends. We stayed with Jessi's brother Jared and his family. I messed up and didn't get any pictures, but you can look back on the blog and see pictures of Jared's family.

Saturday night we had a game night. And it really felt like we were in American Samoa again (except it wasn't raining outside). Why? Because look at who was in attendance:

Caroline, Jessi, Jaydn, Pyper, Mark, Me, and Angela. Great friends from AS. Yes, we even invited the General:

See?? It's really true! This isn't AS, it's Utah!

On Sunday we went to church with and visited our good friends from Connecticut, the Moodies.
Here's Jessi, Vanessa and Jeremy.

The Moodies are from Jamaica. They are some of our best friends. Here's us with the rest of their family:

From left to right: Jessi, Me, Justin, Michael, Jaydn, Nathaniel, Vanessa, Jeremy, Hanna and Brianna.

Michael and Jaydn are crazy!

It's pretty cool to have a neighboring state to where lots of your friends eventually gravitate, don't you think?