Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jaydn's Birthday Party

For his birthday party this year, Jaydn decided he wanted to spend it with his goofy friends. First they fed the chickens.

Then he wanted to have silly time. Each child had a chance to be as silly as they could, or they could show off a goofy trick they knew how to do. MUCH better than Letterman.

Next, we had a pinata. It wasn't "beat Winnie the Pooh to death with a bat" but instead "pull the string to see which one opens the candy hatch." But with only a few girls at the party, Winnie the Pooh didn't stand a chance. He did make a pretty neat "pooh-hat."

After the pinata, it was time to sit about 20 crazy kids down and give them cake and ice cream. Boy, that was fun.

Finally, Jaydn opened presents. And, since my mom attended, we just had to do "Heavy, heavy hangover." Each child konks their gift on Jaydn's head several times and says, "heavy, heavy hangover thy poor head, what do you wish with a bump on your head?" It brought back many painful memories. I used to think it was about someone who was having a "heavy hangover." How appropriate is that for a kid's birthday party? It just hit me (boy, am I slow) that the gift is "hanging" over the kid's head! Duh!

The party turned out just the way Jaydn wanted it--one hour of completely disorganized chaos. Every little boy's dream.

Can you believe we have a SEVEN YEAR-OLD???


Holly said...

Happy Birthday Jaydn!!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Jaydn!!