Sunday, February 25, 2007

Two-Dollar Beach Revisited

On Saturday we went back to 2-Dollar Beach which, yes, you have to pay $ 2 per person to use. It's unlikely that these people make much of anything on their ownership of the beach, but, hey, you have to make a living somehow.

It's a pretty nice beach, but not really worth 2 dollars when there's so many other places to go for free.

The water is pretty shallow, so it's good for kids. There is one area that's a little deeper which is good for snorkeling. When you're not swimming, you can sit in a pretty nice fale and relax in the shade.

Jessi wanted me to take a picture of her in the water. So I did.

Jaydn enjoyed jumping off of rocks into the shallow water. He isn't afraid of much of anything in the water these days.

Here's a shot of Jessi and Jaydn from me sitting in the fale.

Stray dogs are like poverty; they are always with us.

It's always nice to relax in the water when it's soooo hot outside!

Jaydn even tried his hand at boogie-boarding (in really shallow water).

We had a good time.