Thursday, February 08, 2007

Looks Like I'm Famous

Have you ever run into someone who wanted to take your picture, but you didn't want them to? OK, neither have I, until a few days ago. I went across the street from the courthouse to Island Business Center to make some copies, and another palagi ("white guy") was in the store. It is highly unusual for me to run into a palagi that I don't already know. So this guy is taking pictures around the store, and he asks me if he can take my picture. Um, no. "I'm Joey from KHJ radio." So what? "If I take your picture, you'll be on our website. You'll be famous." Huh? "Please can I take your picture?" Oh, all right. So now they've got my picture on their website, with the caption, "Customer Sean Coletti smiles at the excellent service he receives when he gets copies made at Island Business Center." Oh, brother!