Sunday, March 01, 2009


Disneyland! There is no more magical place. Even for old kids like me, it still is a great place.
We first went into the Tiki Tiki room, which I remembered as being really cool. It was ten times better than what I remembered it to be. The whole room comes to life!

Next we went on the safari boat trip. The best part of that was the guide, who basically spoke in "joke."

The Swiss Family Robinson treehouse was replaced by a Tarzan treehouse. A big disappointment!
Pirates of the Carribean scared the socks off of Jaydn, so we stayed away from dark, scary rides after that (although I did go on Indiana Jones by myself. That was fun!)
Here we are on the very tame boat ride:
And (I don't really have a second chin) Jaydn and I drove the cars. The most outdated ride at Disneyland, for sure.
Jaydn wore a sticker on his forehead--the whole week. He told us that if we ever got separated, we could tell where Jaydn was because of the sticker on his forehead! What a great idea!

Jessi and Jaydn did the submarine ride, which is totally redone in the theme of Finding Nemo. They said it was awesome. That's good, because I remember that when I was young it wasn't that cool.

The highlight of the day was that Jaydn was picked to go through Jedi training! And to think that they also chose the girl with the Mickey Mouse ears!?

Jaydn was so excited.
Good thing he learned these light saber moves. What a good padowan.

But then the unexpected...

How'd you like to put on this guy's makeup every day for the Jedi show? What a total pain! I hope he gets paid well. He actually did a good job of acting and moving like Darth Maul.

It's a good thing Jaydn fought him, he was too scary for me!

This girl seemed a little outmatched for the Vader.
So Vader, Maul and the storm troopers were totally wimpy! They got afraid of a bunch of kids and a few pretend Jedis, and left.

Way to go young padowans!
Jaydn's favorite ride was the Buzz Lightyear ride. This combined a ride with laser tag technology. It was really fun!
What a great day!


Mrs. Cheeseball said...

Hey, we can't see your videos!

And I knew of some of those changes you mentioned, but not all of them. I remember the submarine ride being pretty lame too.

CrazyX4 said...

How fun for you guys!! Thanks for showing so many fun pictures! We sure miss you guys.

CrazyX4 said...

How fun for you guys!! Mya would be so jealous that he got chosen to go up there. That is awesome. We sure miss you guys.

Heather said...

...and you didn't call. humph!

Glad you had fun!

Logan & Melissa said...

Haha that is sooooooo funny! He is so cute in his little Jedi outfit. I bet that was fun!