Saturday, October 04, 2008

Aspen Grove

Jessi and I took a few days off from work and went to a J. Reuben Clark Law Society conference at Aspen Grove in Provo Canyon.
First we stopped at Mark and Andrea's house and had a "Samoan game night" with friends we made in Samoa.

The first day of the conference was at the BYU Law School. The next day was held in beautiful Aspen Grove.

This was the view from our cabin.

And a close up of the steep mountain cliffs.

Afterward we visited an old friend of mine, Loren Smemoe and his family. We also visited Jessi's brother in Orem, watched the BYU football game against puny USU, and visited our friends the Merediths in Brigham City before returning home by 2:00 am.

I am so tired!


Tiffany & Ryan Breivik said...

Jessi, I'm so glad you came over. Every time I get the opportunity to be around you I feel more at peace. You're such an inspiration and an amazing girl! I hope it's not too long before our next visit. Love you! Tiff

Meek Family said...

Looks beautiful. We still need to get together. We really enjoyed our last visit together.

Tama said...

How fun that you had a chance to get away. I love Utah in autumn. I miss the canyons. I spent a summer working at Aspen Grove during college, and it was so beautiful to wake up to the view each day. We miss you guys! Take care!