Tuesday, April 22, 2008

HOLY Papayas

I saw this picture on the Temple's blog, and thought it deserved special attention because of this blog's name.

Where the heck did you find such huge papayas, Ephraim and Melinda?


Ephraim said...

melinda was saying that she should carry a camera around everywhere she goes because almost everything is interesting here.

TiffnRy said...

Hi Coletti Family! I love your blog. It's so much to see what everyone else is up to. You both looks so good and Jaydn is a little heartbreaker! We miss you all and I'll keep checking up on your blogs.

Love to all

Tiffany (Cameron) Breivik :)

cbrugg said...

Colettis - we miss you guys! Blake was just talking yesterday about Jaydn Coletti's house - so sad to be away from friends. We hope you're all doing well - Jessi, we need to talk - I will try calling you tomorrow - I thought about it Saturday, but figured you were busy with soccer and family time. I miss yoU!!!! Love, Chelsie

cbrugg said...

Coletti's - We miss you guys. Blake was just talking about playing at Jaydn Coletti's house (I love to hear him say your last name!) Jessi - we need to talk! It's been WEEKS! I was going to try on Saturday, but remembered soccer and family time, so I will try tomorrow! Love ya, Chelsie