Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ward Choir

Those musicians out there will understand this blog entry. Well, I guess the LDS musicians will. Have you ever sang in ward choir? I don't know what it is for me, but most of the time I'm either not really enjoying the choir piece we're doing (some Beebe rendition of a Christmas hymn or something) or I'm not enjoying the sound of the choir (or both). Nothing against ward choirs, because I love singing in them. It's just... well... you know!

Tonight we're singing a piece by Dan Forrest in the Stake Christmas program. I first heard this number last Sunday, and my very first impression was, "oh boy, here comes another yawner." I was, however, very, very wrong about this piece.

After the end of the first practice, I thought, "I bet this was sung by the BYU University Singers." So I Googled it and guess what! It was, for the Christmas Concert 2007.

I like this song--a lot. It makes me feel like I'm in choir at BYU or Ricks again. But... there is still the sound of the ward choir thing, just a little bit. Anyway, click on this link to hear it. I bet you'll like it as well.

By the way, that WAS NOT my ward choir singing. But I wish it was!


Natalie said...

I was just lamenting the same thing recently. We have women that insist they "can't" sing alto and who totally slaughtered the high A that was in "O Holy Night". YIKES! I also was so disappointed in the Stake Christmas devotional. It was listed as "Christmas Around the World". They told cool Christmas stories from different countries and I totally thought they would be singing songs from different countries. I was so excited! Unfortunately, the songs had absolutely nothing to do with what the speaker said except that they all had to do with Christmas. And for some reason, in the middle of the spiritual program, they sang "Let it Snow". What?!? A lot of sour notes throughout the whole thing. Although there was a beautiful "Noel" carol done by 6 women that was phenomenal.
The only reason I wasn't in the choir for it was because I thought we'd be moving soon. I'm glad I wasn't though because I would have been annoyed for several weeks about the program instead of just that night. I guess I'm a bit of a music snob. Anyway, sorry to rant on your blog. That was a beautiful song you posted.


Angela said...

That is a beautiful song! I have to confess that I didn't like it after I heard it Sunday. But that's because it is difficult! You have to sustain so many notes. I agree with what you said about ward choirs, but at the same time, I always support them 100% because they are learning grounds and the directors are doing the best they know how--at least, I give them the benefit of the doubt. I would like to see more tasteful and appropriate selections, programs and more excellent singing though. People with music callings: let us unite in this cause!