Sunday, December 09, 2007

Learn to Give

Now it's time for the opposite side of my previous blog entry.

How many kids do you know who still have almost all of their Halloween candy?

Well, Jaydn does.

Today he did something interesting.

Jaydn came to me and said, "Dad, I need your help in making presents. We're going to put a candy and a toy in each present to give to people in the family."

As he got out the toys, I questioned whether he really wanted to give his huge dinosaur toys to other adult family members as gifts. He thought about it, and then decided that maybe that wasn't a good idea.

Then he had another idea.

He got out all of the stockings, laid them out in order, and then gave me one piece of candy at a time out of his Halloween candy bucket. I placed each candy in each of the stockings--until there was no more Halloween candy.

I gave him a puzzled look. I know he likes candy (a given), so why is he giving it all away?

Without a word from me, Jaydn told me, "Dad, isn't this nice?"

I couldn't help but smile inside.

Later, he came up to Jessi and said, "Mom, I really feel good inside."

After hearing that, I wondered whether I was wrong for stopping Jaydn from giving his toys as well.

I didn't understand his desire to give. But HE did. He knew why he wanted to give his candy and toys away.

It wasn't because HIS stocking happened to end up with the best-picked candy inside.

It was because it made him feel GOOD.

It's no wonder Jesus taught us to become as little children.


Holly said...

I loved reading this, even brought a tear to my eye. That is truly what Christmas is all about. You are such great parents too!!