Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Bed

One of our neighbors has moved out of her house, and she left everything she didn't want for us other neighbors to scavenge through. We picked the bed! Picture this: a twin-size box spring and mattress that ALSO feels like a box spring, both from the 70's. That was our OLD mattress. Now, our new mattress is a QUEEN!!! (I can't believe I'm getting excited about a queen-size mattress; I mean, our mattress at home is a king!) We liked it so much we just shoved it into the twin size frame until it fit. Now we can't get it out, the head and foot of the frame are arched outward because of the larger mattress, and the mattress hangs over the sides. We don't care! We have a queen! Yippee!!

You think this looks funny, you should see the twin-size mattress we left on the queen size boxspring in our neighbor's house!