Sunday, March 04, 2007


Tonight we had some friends over for dinner. Somehow, our discussion turned to keeping bugs and other creatures out of our house. Jessi noted that since I had caulked up all of the holes in the house, we hadn't seen one centipede.

At the end of the night, as we saw our friends out the door, I hollered out to our neighbor to be careful as he crossed the grass. Sometimes centipedes come to the surface in the night when it has been raining, so I thought I'd warn him again.

A few minutes later as Jessi was doing something at the sink, lo and behold a pretty big centipede ran out right next to her feet. Thank goodness she had her crocs on! I grabbed a shoe and, luckily, the centipede came back out into view. So, after some nine nervous rapid-fire smashes with the tennis shoe, I stopped 90% of its body from moving. We saved some pictures for posterity. Against all my objections, Jessi insisted on putting her bare foot up next to Mr. "C".