Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hello! If you haven't visited us before, we are the Coletti's--Sean, Jessi and Jaydn. We live in Ammon, Idaho. I am an attorney in Idaho Falls, my wife teaches piano, gardens, and does just about everything else, and Jaydn is the best boy you could ever wish for.

We have been around the block a few times. After we got married back in 1999, we lived in Rexburg as we finished our Associate Degrees. Then we moved to Provo, Utah, where I enrolled in Brigham Young University. It was during that first year in Provo that we found out that Jessi was pregnant with Jaydn. I also enlisted in the Army National Guard during that time, and I served in the Guard for six years.

Our greatest blessing, Jaydn, was born in 2000. In 2001 I worked full time for the Army National Guard as a Korean linguist. In 2002, we moved our family to East Hartford, Connecticut, where I enrolled in the University of Connecticut School of Law. We lived in and loved Connecticut and the East Coast for three years.

In 2005 I graduated and we moved to Twin Falls, Idaho, where I took a one year position with District Judge John C. Hohnhorst. In 2006 we moved to exotic American Samoa, a small island chain in the South Pacific. I worked as a law clerk at the High Court of American Samoa for one year. It was an amazing experience living there, and we have many photographs of that experience on this blog. We miss it greatly.

In 2007 we moved back to Idaho Falls, where my parents and Jessi's parents live. I started work at a local law firm, Hopkins Roden Crockett Hansen & Hoopes. We finally became homeowners in December of 2007! In November of 2008, Jaydn was baptized! Now, it is August 2009, and we love our life together. We are excited and hopeful that, someday, we will be able to have another child, or adopt a child. One of my desires is to see Jessi be able to be a mother to another child, and Jaydn be a big brother. We hope that blessing will come. But, if it doesn't, we know we will still be happy together.

Sorry for the rambling, but I wanted to introduce ourselves. Here are some pictures of recent events in our lives:

My sister Melissa's graduation:
Me in all my hairiness as Zebulun in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat:

Jaydn soccer domination:

Family pictures (the bearded face is now gone):

Me with my sibs (Matt, Eric, Me, Mel):
Entire family (L to R: Eric, Cindy (my mom), Me, Jessi, Logan, Melissa, Mia, Jaydn, Jeff (my dad), Rachael, and Matt):
Before the "KLCE 97 Second Chance Prom":
Jessi's sister Angela's wedding (L to R: Me, Jaydn, Chandler, Jessi, Sam, Riley, Les (Jessi's dad), William, Angela, Jey, Launa (Jessi's mom), Allie, Hannah, Daniel, and Jared):
Mother's Day 2009, with my grandmother:
So thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back frequently!


Tiff n Ry Breivik said...

I remember when the government official came to our house and asked all sorts of questions about you. It was a little intimidating...but I'm glad you were able to do it!

Laura said...

I don't know if you guys remember me but I found your blog via Emily Palmburg. I still remember a talk that Sister Colleti gaveabout how she memorized the names of the kids in her high school. (at least I think it was her who gave the talk...) Pretty cool. Anyways, I actually live in Rexburg with my husband and daughter Ella. Funny how life moves to so many different places! I loved seeing pictures of you family! Jayden is so much older than the last time I saw him. Crazy how time flies. Glad to know you are all doing well!

-Laura (Pettit) Riggs

Andy, Mary, Nate, Lizzie said...

Sean, what a beautiful family! I hope your adoption dreams come true soon! It is a winding road; just try to find joy in the journey. We've been waiting for two years now, and I know it's hard to be patient.

So fun to see all the pictures and catch up on the Collettis!

Mary (Klepich) Boyle