Monday, February 23, 2009

Las Vegas

It's tough to take an eight-year-old to Las Vegas. I mean, there is so much smut that it's hard to tell him where to look. "Look straight ahead, Jaydn." "No, don't look ahead, look over there." Las Vegas really lives up to its nickname.

We did have fun, however. There are some cool free things there. Food is not one of them. I remember when I was very young and we went to buffets for under $5. Now they are $30 per person!

Before going to Vegas, we stayed in St. George at a very nice house with a very nice view. Here's Jaydn with a nice view.
Here are some more pics from the day: Lion in the background...
So many M&Ms!
Crazy people with weird animals on the streets?

If you have never seen the Bellagio fountains:

How fun!


Logan & Melissa said...

Ooooo! Las Vegas!!