Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Is KMart the most depressing store you have ever been to? I had to go there tonight to pick up something. I've always thought that KMart was soooo depressing. I mean, the isles are not nicely stacked, the food court looks so un-appetizing (they are ALWAYS advertising their hot dogs), and the clothing is promoted by some older lady who you've never heard of before.

KMart always has a huge sale going on. You know it's bad when you put "Clearance - 90% off" signs all over the store--and even lining the street in front of the store--and there are NO customers in the store. While just around the corner Walmart is having no "huge" sales, but is, at all hours, totally packed with people.

And what about the fact that KMart still has an entire section of Christmas stuff on sale for 95% off? By this point in January, hasn't everyone forgotten about Christmas decoration shopping?

If I were the owner of KMart, I'd be banging my head against the wall.

Anyway, I grabbed my stuff and left quickly. Every second I was in the store I felt an ounce of life being sucked out of me. The cashiers droopily told me to "have a nice day" as I left. At the moment, that idea felt so paradoxical.

I am SO glad I don't work at KMart. It must be like working at American Panascope in "Joe Versus the Volcano." At least the workers at KMart don't have to deal with flickering hypnotical lights and a boss who is "not arguing that with you." Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's absolute BEST roles:

So if KMart is so horrible, why did I go there?


Trav and Darcy said...

I'm depressed now.