Monday, October 08, 2007

Columbus Day

One of the little perks about working in American Samoa was that I got ALL federal holidays off from work. Add those to the handful of Samoan holidays that I've mentioned on this blog, and I had a good two weeks or more of holidays--including Columbus Day!

Well, today I got Columbus Day off again! But since there are not big Columbus Day celebrations in Idaho (not a big Italian population) I had to think of some things to do. After over a month of 8-5, what do I do on what is essentially another Saturday?

I started to feel a little like Phil Murphy--I need a new hobby.

I did get to go eat lunch at Jaydn's school today (e-school baked chicken is just blagh). I don't know what's wrong with me, but it's hard for me to act like an adult in an elementary school. I could never be a good disciplinarian-teacher. I'm just the big goofy-lookin' kid sitting next to Jaydn eating my orange slices. So the kids treat me like a jungle-gym--climbing, hitting, throwing food at me, etc.

I especially like the after-school recess. (Gosh, that's what Jaydn says about school anyway!) But I can't handle the multi-colored milk choices, the spoonful of mixed vegetables, or the tasteless baked chicken that you have to face at lunchtime. I guess I can leave the everyday school lunch to Jaydn and his friends.

Maybe I just need to go back to work. What am I saying?!


Trav and Darcy said...

Suggestion for a new hobbies for Sean... top ten writer for Lettermen (as noted before) you could also write mini articles for a newspaper, you are very humorous, and people are always looking for that!