Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vatia Reloaded

Well, we went back to Vatia on Saturday, and although it was nothing like "The Matrix," it was still a nice trip. I personally think that the some of the coral out past the reef in Vatia is some of the most beautiful and healthy on the island.
The drive to Vatia is also one of the most beautiful drives on Tutuila (as is shown above with the Cockscomb in the background). We just love this drive.
Both sides of the island are beautiful from the top. The picture above shows the North side of the island; the picture below is Pago harbor on the South side.
We walked out to the Cockscomb this time. To get there, you have to drive and walk for a time through American Samoa National Park.

A close-up of the Cockscomb shows that the water was pretty wild. Apparently, this location is a sanctuary for certain types of birds who live in the cliffs above the water. You can also see where the water cut a crevass in the rock.

So after collecting shells and taking pictures, we went back to Unita's house. Remember our friend Unita? She once told me, "you can just call me 'United States of American Samoa.'" She's a really sweet lady who never charges you to come to her beach. She's also a hoot to talk to. Here she is with Jessi, Caroline and Piper.

Right next to her house is a huge Banyan tree. All five roots here are part of the same tree.

After swimming, we made our way back home. On the way we took more pictures. Here's a picture of a fruit bat that was moving too fast. They're all over the place.

One more picture of the Cockscomb will do it justice.